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Technology and Passion

I believe wholeheartedly that technology and science, especially the leading edge better the human condition. That’s why I love working with and staying apprised of the latest tech and advancements in science.  That’s why I have an insatiable desire to learn new things, and old. That’s why I got into node.js, that’s why I love perusing Ars Technica and other blogs/content aggregators. In some ways I feel I am also a futurist. I like envisioning a world where major problems are no more. I fear and embrace the melding of human and machine that we are heading towards. I don’t know if it will happen in my lifetime, but I am certain that there will be a time where we will use machines, maybe nanites–or something even more clever–to overcome many of our current diseases and even longevity. I do question whether stamping out diseases and increasing longevity (especially if it is indefinitely) will actually better the human condition, I want to say yes, but humanity will be invariably changed as a result. I love being on the bleeding-edge because I feel with my entire essence that it will change humanity for the better.