Homeless don’t bother looking in recycling dumpsters

As the title may suggest, over the past few months I have been reluctant to write, I have observed at late night with my balcony view of seattle people who I presume are homeless 18 times out of 20 always skip over recycling dumpsters; and I believe that this was with at least 3-4 different people.  Each time they came down one block from my alley and onto the next; they moved with much grace, even if they didn’t know the dumpster locations. Tonight as I was watching another person searching through dumpsters on a bike with a flashlight, I just realized right then that nearly all of them skip the “blue” recycling dumpsters. It’s so smart, because while you might find some food or the occasional misuse its probably going to be a waste of time in a place like Seattle. Instead the “goodies” and food are actually easier harvested from the garbage (that means no compostables, and recyclables at the minimum) dumpster.

The reason I haven’t written in some time is because I guess I fell into a sort of depression. I’m not clinically depressed and don’t want to offend, as such I referenced to “sort of”, but I haven’t seen a doc for that matter either, but enough about that. I steadily had this emotion/feeling gradually taking over more and more of my waking hours. Right now I think I am about the lowest I’ve been before. The two earlier times are when I just graduated from college and was seeking out a career job in Fairbanks, Alaska that took up to 9 months and it was the 5th or 6th month in. The next is when I moved to Seattle for a fresh start and other personal reasons and was unemployed for 4 months. The 2nd to the 3rd month in is when it got –bad for lack of a better term.

It is what it is, but what I was thinking about just before I was interrupted by the thoughts in the previous paragraph and others , was that the next thing to come is for it to get better. A couple of weeks in the past up to a month, eventually I’ll be onto something else that will completely make me feel better even though the current situation hasn’t changed. And that’s something to feel good about seeing intermittently in the sea of negative and incessant pessimistic rhetorical thoughts that are to the port and starboard. But all is not so dreary, while I’ve looked down aft of my life at what my passions are and may be, I have relaid that info to the captain and steering the bow slowly and surely between the  depressive like feelings and thoughts.