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I just wanted to write a quick post for people who may be trying SCD. In the 4-hour body by Tim Ferris he list a certain target of beans to eat. When I started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet I measured the beans out and it was ok, slight discomfort, eventually I started just automatically portioning the beans out into container(s) without regard to exact measurements, I started getting more stomach pains almost as if I over ate.

My solution was to take half to 2/3’s of what I thought was an correct portion for beans(those things are super compact!), and if I was still a bit hungry to go for just a bit more protein. After that I noticed Immediate change.

Make Sure you are also drinking enough water, My rule of thumb for water intake is to take your weight in pounds and use that as a guide, if you are 200 lbs. try to drink 100-200 oz of water a day (your weight pound number in the upper bounds as ounces, the lower bound is half that), in that specific example that roughly is 3-6 Liters of water a day, one of the bigger Nalgene type bottles is generally the size of a liter, so if you can do 3-6 a day it will really help you to get the water intake you need.

A trick I like to get the water you need is try to drink a specific amount before your meal, I also drink some between bites because I like the extra lubrication for mastication–always have–, and if you have room try drinking some more afterwards.
ABH, Always Be Hydrating!

SCD pains: Too many beans?