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It’s late and I have yoga in 6 hours so I’m gonna make this quick–I’ll make hump days my update day.

I have stuck to the SCD pretty closely, not even adding honey or fructose or any sugars of any kind to  my diet–It’s pretty much beans, veggies, protein, water, and the occasional diet soda.

As far as exercise I have worked on doing an Insanity workout that I try to stick to as much as possible, however I am getting pains in my inner shins so I am just doing push-ups or crunches(still can’t do sit-ups yet) for exercises that start to make my shins hurt. I have done this a bit after I get back from yoga at 8am (it starts at 6:45am, I get up at 5:30 am for a light breakfast, still hitting 15g of protein though). I usually go out for walks, and recently my walking buddy just got back into town so we’re going to be walking Friday afternoons just walking around Seattle. I have another friend that wants to do a 5K, I’d like to run/jog it but I don’t think my legs can take the impact at my weight (which is down 5 lbs!).The last time I ran I believe was in 2009 when I was 280 and even then it was tough. (best way to get out of the Fairbanks summer sun at 85F+ — I love cold, but not really below -10F — was to just run fast home then take  a cold shower)

I also swim almost every day, except on the weekends. Today I was practicing Dolphin Kicks, I’d like to take classes or get a coach to help me learn how to swim better, alas maybe when I don’t have to pinch pennies so tightly, which may be soon, I have a meeting next week with a co-founder of a start-up I am really excited about, I don’t want to reveal anything yet, but its a place that does something cool and gives back to communities.

Swimming,walking, yoga, insanity; Those are my exercise staples for now. I’ve read a lot lately and I started looking into the go programming language, my first project after I learn some basicswill be similar to something I did in my junior year CS class, AI programming, but instead of a checkers feed forward neural net, I’m going to up the ante and make it a Chess AI, I was also thinking of writing it such that I can also afterwards easily turn it into a prediction/subject twitter parser for a future project I’d like to play with. Would be interesting if better chess AI brains would be good at predicting future subjects on twitter, I doubt it but will be interesting to test out heh :) I also plan to do some tweaking of the mutation algorithm to fake generational cycles and remembrance of popular moves, with some degree of corruption… this would be literally a “societal memory bank” or perhaps common sense from repetitive observed behaviors that get passed down to future generations that aggregate across several generations at random say 2 and 3 with most frequency up to 7 and a total remembrance that is somehow related to the generation number which has memory limit, and garbage collects moves (we are collecting repetitive moves seen in games (and lists of possible and weights attached to those based if that move helped win the game or lose))   that haven’t been used in a while. I’ll start small, but I wanna see what happens if I model generational theories, and then also try to make it more lifelike by passing on knowledge that can  be passed down or lost just as in our own history. The corruption part would be randomly resorting some or all the weights on the current best moves list, like an interesting(or horrible) game of telephone… Oh… maybe a cultural steal as well, but I would have to work on creating different cultures each with their own generations, that could be weighted and mutated too. It would be interesting if some cultures develop a high steal rate over time. Wow this just keeps getting more complicated. just got to keep it simple at first.

Damn and I said this would be short!

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Concern Trolling

Concern trolls. Real life concern trolls. We’ve all probably experienced them, whether from our parents or friends. On the internet these people join some group and pretend to be assimilated but raise issues in such a way that they seem to be concerned but really they are trying to create a cognitive dissonance or disrupt the groups cohesion, often for fun, sometimes just as a way of drawing attention to themselves. Sometimes concern trolls even slip in misinformation and attempt the group to either go in some other direction or fail altogether.

However, when we meet one in life, it is something different, something much more insidious. I’ll admit it, I’ve done it before, I might have had some good reasons to concern troll, but doing so is the worst way to get some one to change something for the better… It can be deceitful, and overall it is just a negative situation. The victim is trying to do something trying to be successful, here the concern troll comes saying, “Well, I don’t know, I mean I think that you should do this other thing instead… I’m just concerned you’re not doing this right and that you are going to get  hurt.”

Whatever the ultimate reason, it doesn’t really matter–message received, they clearly can’t tell us why (unless they make something up). Once we realize that they have not provided us with a clear reason or made something up with the intention of us NOT fully executing upon what we intended to do, we can address the concern troll.

I like to address them, not by calling them out, but by acknowledging that I understand they are concerned first. Next, depending on how long it took to get to this point, I would either say something like “I will take that under consideration,” if the conversation was relatively short. If it strung on, I would let the concern troll know that I’ve heard what they have said and that I will look into it soon at a more opportune time. And I will, because who knows, maybe they weren’t concern trolling. If they are wrong, just leave it at that, hopefully they will not bug you again on the subject. There is no point in arguing or spending anymore time on the subject with them, because it might just be the exact response they want from you. I very much dislike being in situations with someone who likes to get you angry and arguing with them; the best way to avoid that situation is to recognize it for what it is and move on.

Don’t fall prey to people who concern troll you. When you set out to do something, don’t let some one who is concern trolling you stop you, if anything, acknowledge it and see if there is any merit to what they are saying (if they are saying anything at all), don’t waste time falling into the concern toll’s trap.

If you have an interesting story about a concern troll you’ve encountered, please share it in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it and how you dealt with it.

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Changing who you are now for the betterment of your future self

Happy 2014 everyone!

Unlike a lot of people I didn’t set a new years resolution this year, I tried but didn’t have enough time but I wanted it to be something about dieting, losing weight, whatever, I didn’t set it in stone and didn’t start from day one. In 2013, I didn’t shave at all, I had  a bushy beard at the end of 365 days without shaving. I did this to prove to myself, while yet small, that I can do anything that I can control.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday: I went to a Live Your Legend local meetup. One of the last questions asked in a mingling exercise was: “What is it that you want to leave behind in this world, what will your legacy be?”

I’ll admit I didn’t have an answer at first, I thought about it long and hard. I eventually reflected on what I would have said to answer it if it was a few years ago. I wanted to better others through the software that I create. But then I asked myself why that isn’t that the case now. I answered myself, “I just want to live a longer life, to make sure I don’t leave this world in the next two years.”

I’m 330 pounds (150 Kg), have been for about a year now, I know that this is a plateau and it’s just a matter of time before I will break past that and be 380 lbs. or dead in a blink. I did this to myself and I somehow convinced myself that it was ok. No more. I want to live to see past thirty. I have to change.

Right now, I am following the Slow Carb Diet.(as outlined in The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman). I am also doing yoga in the mornings, swimming at night. Just today I also spent an hour walking and I also added in the Insanity fitness test, Tomorrow I’ll do the first day to the best of my ability. I just shaved my head to cut down on the build up of heat and sweat on my head as well. I am still trying things out so I can create a schedule around exercise and other activities.

Unfortunately, I am low on work lately, I’ve been doing freelance work but it’s been kinda slow. I have to persist through this even though I don’t know what my financial situation might be, because I want to live and see past the age of 30, I have to do this for myself. I just hope it doesn’t drive my wife insane, because she gets stressed with financial concerns. Maybe I can find a part-time job nearby, but I feel like I have to change things drastically and from the ground up I need to find what works for me so I will be healthy. I will admit I usually have an issue with taking on multiple things at a time, being that I work 8 hours and then I am just so beat by the time I get home or off work I just want to be a vegetable until its bedtime or I get tired. Now the only way I know how to work around that is to just make exercise and eating the primary focus, and then schedule in other things. I could use help with that, but I need to start and continue to focus on eating right and exercising.

I did the fit test today as I mentioned for the insanity program I am following. Here are my results.

Switch Kicks: 79
Power Jacks: 22
Power Knees: 45
Power Jumps : 28 (modified because I dont trust jumping high at my weight)
Globe Jumps: 7
Suicide Jumps: 7
Pushup Jacks: 6
Low Plank Oblique: 18 (modified with belly on mat, since my belly sticks out so far)

My goal is to lose 100 lbs by the end of the year, I believe this is attainable. I may run into an  issue as my doctor believes I have a thyroid issue. But I’m gonna power through that.

Check out the book if you are interested.

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Technology and Passion

I believe wholeheartedly that technology and science, especially the leading edge better the human condition. That’s why I love working with and staying apprised of the latest tech and advancements in science.  That’s why I have an insatiable desire to learn new things, and old. That’s why I got into node.js, that’s why I love perusing Ars Technica and other blogs/content aggregators. In some ways I feel I am also a futurist. I like envisioning a world where major problems are no more. I fear and embrace the melding of human and machine that we are heading towards. I don’t know if it will happen in my lifetime, but I am certain that there will be a time where we will use machines, maybe nanites–or something even more clever–to overcome many of our current diseases and even longevity. I do question whether stamping out diseases and increasing longevity (especially if it is indefinitely) will actually better the human condition, I want to say yes, but humanity will be invariably changed as a result. I love being on the bleeding-edge because I feel with my entire essence that it will change humanity for the better.

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Bad Food

So lately I have fixated on my past, I liken this as perhaps my subconscious trying to work something out about “finding my passions”. Plus, recalling what you once did and the like is a gateway to discovering your passions.

The other day I ate something that didn’t agree with me and as a result during the middle of watching a TV show (Pramface)  a scene triggered a concept I had long since tucked away. The scene was of a woman about to perform fellatio on her current partner… This is about when my stomach cramps started acting up and when I recalled how I viewed this behavior when I was somewhere between four and six. Subsequently as a result of this trigger my whole world perception was also thrown back to the way I perceived the world at such a young age. The sexual act above that triggered this was in my mind anything but sexual, it was simply just “a show of power”/submission/manipulation. I likened it as wolves have their own dominating/submissive behavioral traits. I only dwelled on this for maybe half a minute but then realized I was “stuck” in this perception.

I’ll admit, I was a bit worried, because when I started thinking about where I am at now in life, I got scared, because the overwhelming feeling was that I had no control over what happened in my life. This is how it was when I was that age. I would wake up, do some things, eat, play, eat some more, then get put to bed. I recall myself as be an observer of my young self, and really I could make choices here and there to try to manipulate the outcome of my day, but overall it was like I could choose to be behaved, choose to intentionally misbehave to get a rise out of my parents, or nothing at all. The observer part of me would recognize patterns, and test a different choice. I found, or this part of me found that little of which I did would result in something ultimately better, or maybe it did. I ended up making many misbehaving choices to get a rise out of my parents. I did this because I didn’t get much notice otherwise, as a result I ended up spending most of my 3-4 year old life in a locked room with little to no entertainment inside the room, until I was sent off for a year to a children’s mental health institution where they diagnosed me with ADHD.

So with  preconceived notion that very little of what you do matters and looking throw a wold filter like this, I remember specifically thinking “How will I ever do what I love, how will I ever discover my passions if nothing I do matters.” After musing on this and getting thoroughly freaked out I decided I had enough, convinced myself it was just something I ate and that I should just try to sleep it out. unfortunately 10 minutes after going to the bed I ran to the bathroom and spent the next 20 minutes puking. I went back to bed it was around 7pm, when I woke up the next morning I was fine but I remembered what happened and have thought about it since.

The fact is as a child I really didn’t have much chance to see what my actions and choices could lead too, and growing up with a parent that decided to deal with my ADHD by locking me in a room didn’t help. As an adult, however, and even as I growing up in a better home with my grandparents, I realized my choices and actions do matter, and that they didn’t need to be such to get a rise, though sometimes with the ADHD it felt it couldn’t be avoided.

Regardless of this episode, I think it’s a huge fear people have, maybe even my own: That what you do in this life of yours doesn’t ultimately matter. It’s easy to go from this to a nihilistic lazy lifestyle, I mean why even try if it doesn’t even matter. Well it does matter, It might not be clear how anything gets affected, but you feel the effects–you do something you like, you’re happy. Sometimes that’s enough, but sometimes we feel altruistic and put the world before ourselves, and while we know about the butterfly effect, we really don’t believe somewhere in the universe we really moved a mountain or something such as grand– Or at the very least that we could have done that.

Perhaps this all boils down to belief, seeing proven change, and ultimately what we are looking for out of life. I don’t exactly know what I want out of life, I do want to know that I matter, that I’ve affected others lives for the better. It’s easy to forget the things you have accomplished and slide into depression. For example, its easy to look over family and other relationships. I wish I knew why it was so easy to dismiss family and friends as not having a real impact on their lives, and dreaming of affecting a million lives in some far off land instead. Anyways, I have a belief that I CAN make a difference, I’ve made it with my brother, my wife, ect. Especially with my brother.

When I was in college, I found out that my mother and brother were not doing too well at one point. My mother was set in her ways, As my grandparents would say she never matured past 17. My brother and mother had developed a co-dependence of sorts, my brother was also pulled out of school around grade 8.  My brother, however, was only a few years behind me and really I saw he had a chance, like myself, to become something more. I also felt if I didn’t get him out of that situation he may never be truly happy. I thought about this off an on throughout college but really didn’t know how to approach it or deal with it. When I had graduated and been unemployed (degree == job right?) for 4 months, I found out that my brother and mom had it bad enough they moved in with my grandparents out in the boonies instead of Anchorage. It clicked, this was the perfect time to try to make a bold change in my brother’s life. I swooped in, I convinced my brother and mother that I take him back 300 miles to my college home for a week or so and basically just spend time together.  Despite having to deal with unemployment and realizing that my “Dad”–My grandfather– had all but gone due to Alzheimers, I ended up showing my brother a life he could have. I remember at one point taking him back home, I told him,”I’ve shown you what I’ve done, and a different way of life than you’ve seen. I know you probably aren’t exactly happy with the life you will be going back to. I will help you. But you have to make the decision  and I know [due to your reduced maturity level] it will be hard for you. Tell me what you want and I will help you to the best of my ability to get there. But make damn sure you will be willing to be forced to do things you may be uncomfortable with initially to get there “. He told me he wanted out of his current situation so a week later I brought him into my home, put him on a track to get a GED… that didn’t pan out but we at one point found he could easily get into an associates program, and he started going to college and with my help had rapid maturity gains and classes that actually challenged him, He is now a few classes away from an Associates and looking to get a Bachelors.

I think about how I have seen my brother flourish, and how I helped him do that and I realize I have made a difference  this leads me to believe that I can help other people despite all the intrusive thoughts/excuses that counter one to avoid following their passions. Even if you don’t think you’ve ever done anything like this in your life, just think about my story or the millions of stories others have, belief is a powerful tool and all it takes is a bit of faith to make changes.

To wrap up, if I asked my 4-5 year old self what his passions were and or what he could do that he’d love, I believe he would say that all he wanted was to be noticed, to explore beyond the confines of his room he was thrown into so often, and for his actions to make a difference. If I could tell my younger self a few words of advice I’d tell him to believe that his actions do make a difference, especially from day-to-day, to do “good” and it might not be instant but over a few days he should see how his changes change other things in his life, and it should be for the better–and to hang in there.

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I Remember Everything

Except my own thoughts as time passes. I’ve found I have an amazing gift of recall, now I’m not boasting it is perfect like I can remember exactly what and where everything is in a room I’ve only been in for 3 seconds, but occasionally, at the most random of times I will recall randomly past events as if I were there. For example, at one point that the Creed CD was in-between a lego bucket and a old speaker with 3 cracks in it and well worn–and that it was empty and the CD was in my boombox, but my radio was on 99.7 FM playing some latest hit circa 2001. Amazing detail on recall, and can often summon them on command (not always mind you), but these are for physical events; Events I saw, heard, tasted/smelled, felt, but the most important events happened inside my head as a result of a culmination of such events, and I seem to have a hard time recalling those events most of the time. I find this disturbing. Perhaps it’s the nature of such events, I mean what is happening when we make a memory are that neurons are firing creating new pathways, and I think in this particular instance what I am disturbed with is that I have no memory of these pathways being created as they are created.

One particular memory I have of this happening, I think, Is my first memory. I recall playing with a barrel of monkeys, I was obviously frustrated because I would grab one and there would only be a few monkeys linked together. For whatever reason I stopped to think “Why aren’t more monkeys linking arms?”. Bam! It was like my brain lit up like a christmas tree I even remember feeling a disembodied tingling sensation in my head. I realized that the arms had to cross each other for a link to be formed–to get more monkeys in one go. Further, I found that I could replicate this not only by pulling the monkeys out of the barrel and up into the air but I could do this on the ground. I recall I tested this hypothesis by taking two single monkeys and laying them flat against each other and pulling them apart to which they did not link, then trying several methods of creating scenarios where they would link–All it required was that they “cross” at the arms. After that I could create longer links and sometimes even link the whole barrel of monkeys by being careful and getting the monkeys to link arms. I think this is the first time I asked “why?” and answered myself, and as an interesting result all of my memory that I can recall starts from this point.

This is when I came online, at least thats how I like to think of it. I really feel that when I asked “why?” this is what had set off a chain of reactions that resulted into me today. There are other moments like these, where I ask “why?” to myself and come to some conclusion, and these shape my future. Often I don’t recall these events. I am hoping by rebooting my blogging efforts I can help capture these events. I have 30+ concurrent streams of thoughts right now that go on and off that I know will end up shaping who I am tomorrow.  That is of course if they make a big enough impact I can recall them. Most often they fall to the side to never be brought up again or perhaps two or three months later will be triggered to my foremind by something random or mundane and not even related.

In the past I’ve been held back by caring too much about what if some other person now or in the future sees this, and as a result, I have censored my writing to practically nothing. I’ve also struggled with the issue of just being lazy, I got a thought, I thought it out, I could do more, but writing for an audience is just taxing. I have decided that I will be primarily writing to and for my future self, so that I may capture these moments I find so very hard to capture. I find that when I am writing for some purpose that I am passionate about, I generally use writing as a tool to help me think and that is what I will be doing here.

I am in a position where I realize I have some passions I really haven’t thought too much about  up until now and I want to explore them and others. Why? Because I feel it’s imperative that I know who I am to myself. It might be clichéd, but deep down I want to be happy, and there is a lot  I can do to improve that. It’s about living a life YOU feel is worth living, right? So from here on out I want, and I feel it is imperative that I commit to doing this–asking the “why?”s and recording them, making hypothesis, testing them,  and hopefully answering my own questions shaping my future with some reflection. If I should recede or become disillusioned with this task, as I’ve learned by now, just writing about anything is enough to get me on some semblance back on this journey. You can do this, excuses are not excuse enough to avoid being alive.